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Information on Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear was the most popular television cartoon creation of TV's some years ago. "Yogi Bear" was created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Yogi Bear was introduced to public on The Huckleberry Hound Show in 1958, as the title character. His operations started at the Jellystone National Park, where, he used to live with his partner Boo-Boo, he had spent many of his days stealing "pic-a-nic" baskets from tourists, Ranger John Smith, was never able to catch him of. It seemed like yogi bear is smarter than an average bear. He became very popular by the "The Huckleberry Hound Show ". It proved a popular formula, and Hanna-Barbera repeated it in Magilla Gorilla (pet gorilla vs. pet store owner) and Wally Gator (alligator vs. zookeeper).

Yogi's voice, was provided by Daws Butler it was based on the use of the Art Carney for his character Ed Norton. He was one of the stars of the old sitcom The Honeymooners. That show also inspired the character relationships in Hanna-Barbera's later hit, The Flintstones.

Animation veteran Don Messick did the voices of Boo-Boo and Ranger Smith. A fun park is also started in the memory by the Zalkin Family.

They had said as follows

The Zalkin Family invites you and your family to have fun and make memories at Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park. With our extensive recreation program and facilities, Jellystone Park isn't just a New York campground…it's a resort vacation. Our guests value the way our family and staff care for them and for our park. Parents feel good about having their children in Jellystone Park's warm environment. When kids go home from Jellystone Park, it'll be "Thanks, Mom and Dad!"

Yogi's popularity quickly stopped in 1960 a new character was introduced named Hokey Wolf took over his slot, and on January 30, 1961 he got a show of his own. Yogi's co-stars were in the new show were Yakky Doodle (a cloyingly cute duckling based on an occasional Tom & Jerry supporting character named Little Quacker) and Snagglepuss.

That show ran till a couple of years, but it was only the beginning. Yogi returned, in new series with different settings and changes. In that series he had been a space racer, a hip rapper, an airship captain, and even a pirate. In 1964, he was introduced as the star of Hanna-Barbera's first feature-length animated film, Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, and had been in several other features over the years.

Yogi has proven to be not just an enduring and surpringly versatile character, but also a rich source of merchandising revenue for his producers - such as beach blankets, pajamas, etc.In whole America, you'll find tracts of land licensing his image, under the name Yogi BearJellystone Park Campgrounds.

Like many Hanna-Barbera cartoon characters, Yogi's personality and mannerisms were based on a popular celebrity of the time.As a children's show, the morality of Yogi constantly stealing from others, eyebrow-raising,etc. he is nearly always thwarted in his attempts, perhaps providing at least a subliminal moral lesson after all.

Many parks have been started in the memory of yogi bear and many songs and lyrics have been composed in the memory of yogi bear and in the name of yogi bear.

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