All about Colgate University:

Academic excellence is what Colgate is about ,It is a tradition forged in 1819 and honed through the years by each class of select students.

A nationally recognized liberal arts college is colgate it is set on a beautiful campus which is located in central New York.

according to few surveys it is stated that around 2,750 undergraduates are enrolled in 51 programs and take advantage of the university's award-winning curriculum, off-campus study program, and numerous research opportunities conducted by colgate.

Mission of Colgate University:

Their aim is to provide a demanding, expansive educational experience. their main focus is to a select group of diverse, talented, intellectually sophisticated students .colagte is always in search of people who are capable of challenging themselves, their peers, and their teachers in learning.

changing todays student into tomorrows leader this is what colgate university strategic plan offers.Colgate provides lot of activities.It is a place where the arts thrive and Student-athletes compete at the very highest level of NCAA Division 1 sports. diferent club and intramural sporta program are oragnised by colagte and in addition to it they also offer outdoor education program which adds up to their list.

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